I’m a catalan Mistress passionate about BDSM. It’s been ten years now since I started exploring this non conventional sexual practices world and I’m offering face-to-face and online sessions. I also give initiation workshops and private lessons for all those who are starting exploring BDSM and want to do it in a guided way.

I’m currently based in Barcelona but available to travel with you or visit other locations if you cover my trip expenses and you book a long session. 


Even though I can be really firm and strict during my sessions, I’m not a Goddess 24/7 nor I’m always in a dominant role. I’m just someone who really enjoy exploring sex as a ritual and needs to go beyond routine and normativity, but I also have a life outside the BDSM scene.

Sensuality runs through my veins and even though I don’t always plan it, my sessions have lots of this natural quality which I was born with. I’m also very intense, you must know that. Nevertheless, in our first meetings I’ll rather take it easy to pay attention to your reactions and the way you process the experience.

As well as being a professional Mistress, I have a conventional job. I don’t do this only for money nor I depend on the tributes you’ll give me, so I’m a bit picky concerning to choosing who I allow being at my feet.

I don’t do “à la carte sessions”. I’m not a puppet with a Dominatrix custom to whom you can tell how to carry out the game. I am the one who’ll choose which practices to do, how to do them, the attitude I’ll have while executing them and so on. If it wasn’t this way, I wouldn’t consider myself a dominant and nothing would make sense in our BDSM relationship.

What do I like? I like connecting with my submissives, this is the most important thing for me, so if we achieve that we can go to infinity and beyond.

I like people who live through their sexuality the most healthy way possible, people who look for the way of not being ashame of their sexual tendencies –unless otherwise agreed in using it to humiliate you -, as long as that tendencies include the consent of the adult people involved.

I like people who can express their limits, or at least, people who show interest in finding them out, accept and respect them. This way they can have healthy BDSM relationships and they avoid finding bad surprises for everyone: not talking about it and just letting yourself go with the flow without any previous understanding also leads to very bad surprises I’m not willing to deal with.

I like trying new things and surprising my subs.

For me, privacy is something sacred, so outside the sessions, as well as I’ll be discreet with your personal life, I’ll expect you to do the same. Value my time and don’t try coming into personals areas of mine which I didn’t invite you go through.

Last but not least, my specialty are ropes bondage. Since I discovered the endless possibilities the ropes have, I haven’t stop learning all kind of techniques to do restrictions and many other things with them. I’m not truly into Shibari but I’ve learned from people who are, so probably I do something similar.

If you want to get to know me better, write me an email to mistressfoska@gmail.com and I’ll detail you my conditions to book a session. You can also follow me on the social media and see my thoughts, pictures and updates.

When sending me your first email, introduce yourself and let me know how did you find my site. Try to detail me your expectations and past BDSM experience. Here I attach my questionnaires for if you want to have a look at them and start filling them out, but consider that I won’t read them carefully untill you book a session.

Want to know more about me? Take a look at my private gallery and my social media:

AdmireMe  (my private gallery)




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