Here you have my rules. I recommend that you read them very carefully. Do not risk by passing any of them if you want to be at my feet. I am not tolerant at all in this respect — you could be consigned forever to my list of undesirables.

  1. When you enter my kingdom, you will immediately hand over an envelope with the appropriate tributes for the session.
  2. You will thoroughly clean yourself and have good shower before any action starts.
  3. You will not take any drugs before or during the session.
  4. I will protect your privacy to the extreme, and you will protect mine.
  5. If this is the first time that you contact me, present yourself and your intentions well, and use chiefly email.
  6. Before our sessions you will explain in detail all about your health condition. You will also tell me about any changes to your health condition over time, as well as physical limitations or any medication you are on*
  7. If you cancel your session in the 24 hours before it was scheduled to start, you must tribute the amount agreed.
  8. You will endeavour to not waste my time, by any means possible. If you have any doubts or qualms, you will express it with the maximum possible clarity before or after the session. You will make an effort to communicate well with me, without ever forgetting what is your place.
  9. If we’re going to do anal play, you’ll carefully read and follow these instructions before the session.

* you can do it sending me through email this forms filled out (once you have booked the session, not before):



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