In this post you can see all the details to have a proper and fruitful communication with Me.

If you send Me a texting tribute, you will be allowed to:

  • Recreate yourself by telling Me your fantasies
  • Do an online Domination session
  • Get advice and suggestions if you want to know more about BDSM
  • Get to know Me

If you don’t send Me a texting tribute, you will only be allowed to:

  • Set the hour and date for our session
  • Ask very short, straight-forward that don’t appear on my site,
  • Let me know if you’re late to our session or you can’t find the place where we’re meeting

If we’re communicating via email, you might:

  • Let Me know and briefly explain your expectations
  • Send Me the fulfilled questionnaires that I’ve asked you to send to Me prior to the session, where you will be able to detail your limits and tendencies
  • Send Me feedback of our session to know how you felt, how your markings and/or wounds are progressing – if there were any- , etc.

The texting tributes are not codependent with session tributes: you can send Me a texting tribute whether you wish to meet with Me in person or not, and are an excellent way to set yourself apart as well as to really make Me see that you have a real interest for communicating with and serving Me.


Texting – chatting and online Domination (only audio and text messages)

15min – 25€

Online Domination – Video call with mask

15min – 50€

Exclusive pictures – in which you won’t see my face, breasts or genitals


Some other considerations:

  • If you send Me a message and its sole content is “Hello”, “Hi” or something along this line, I won’t answer to you.
  • If you regularly session with me (3 hours monthly or more) I may allow you some more leeway in our communication, but I won’t engage in online Domination without proper tribute.

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