These are the tributes I require from all those who want to be at my feet, either by coming to serve me sporadically (only for one session) or intermittently in Spain. A deposit sent through Paypal is always required to book the first session.

  • €150 per hour, Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm.  Skype and face-to-face sessions.
  • €200 per hour from 10pm to 10am.
  • €100 each additional hour from the 3rd hour in a session.
  • €100 per hour of shopping, going out to lunch or dinner… etc.
  • €50 extra fee to come to your hotel.

Ask me about these options:

  • Double domination
  • Shared sessions with other submissives
  • Travelling
  • Internments
  • Virtual domination
  • Periodic sessions

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